Our group uses neuroimaging, speech communication, and machine learning to improve assessments and treatments for mental health, and neurological disorders. To support this effort, we build frameworks and use extensive collaborations to improve efficiency of analyses and reproducibility in science.


2023 03 08

Welcome Matthias Steiner, UROPs Sabeen Lohwala and Abdul-Kareem Aliu, and project manager Julie Bates.

2022 09 15

A paper published on meningioma detection in contrast enhanced T1 images using deep learning and the Nobrainer framework. Paper link

2022 09 01

New projects: 1) Creating a knowledgebase of the brain together with the Allen Institute for Brain Science as part of the Brain InitiativeCell Atlas Network . 2) Collecting voice data across disorders in ethical, privacy preserving manner to improve the ability for machine learning algorithms to learn from and derive insights and applications around communication, pediatric, respiratory, neurological, and mental health and wellbeing. This is part of the Bridge 2 AI program.

2022 08 01

Welcome Maedbh King

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