Our collaboration policies are:

  • Authorship is a function of intellectual contribution and we try to minimize author bloat in our group. For multi-institution student collaborations, we will identify ahead of time who the primary advisers and collaborators are on a project.
  • Our work is open. However, there have been prior situations where we have applied for patents during collaborations.
  • We tend to share any data we collect and any code we produce under open licenses (data: PDDL, code: Apache 2.0, doc: CC-BY)
  • Any digital research work we produce together should be re-executable and hopefully reproducible/generalizable.


** This list may not always be accurate, but tries to reflect our current active collaborations. We apologize if we missed your name, listed incorrect information, or did not ask you before listing you. Please let us know so we can rectify the situation.

Lydia Ng , Allen Institute for Brain Science

Jerome Lecoq , Allen Institute for Brain Science

Ralph Adolphs , Caltech, Los Angeles

Abhishek Pratap , CAMH, Toronto

Jon Clucas , Child Mind Institute, New York

Steven Giavasis , Child Mind Institute, New York

Arno Klein , Child Mind Institute, New York

Michael Milham , Child Mind Institute, New York

Yaroslav Halchenko , Dartmouth College, Hannover

Oscar Esteban , EPFL, Lausanne

Angie Laird , Florida International University, Miami

Jessica Bartley , Florida International University, Miami

Sergey Plis , Georgia State University, Atlanta

Margaret Niznikiewicz , Harvard Medical School, Boston

Matthew Nock , Harvard University, Cambridge

Camille Maumet , INRIA, VisAGeS, France

Oliver Ruebel , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Ryan Ly , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Thomas Quatieri , MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington

Karl Helmer , Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston/Charlestown

Bruce Fischl , Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston/Charlestown

Philip Song , Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Boston

Georg Langs , Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Samir Das , McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Jean-Baptiste Poline , McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Patrick McClure , National Institutes of Mental Health, Bethesda

Francisco Pereira , National Institutes of Mental Health, Bethesda

Adam Thomas , National Institutes of Mental Health, Bethesda

Clemens Bauer , Northeastern University, Boston

Valur Olaffson , Northeastern University, Boston

Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli , Northeastern University, Boston

Tibor Auer , Royal Holloway University of London, London, UK

Russell Poldrack , Stanford University, Stanford

Kayhan Batmanghelich , University of Pittsburg, Pittsburg

David Keator , University of Californa, Irvine

Theo Van Erp , University of Californa, Irvine

Tom Gillespie , University of Californa, San Diego

Jeffrey Grethe , University of Californa, San Diego

Maryann Martonne , University of Californa, San Diego

Dorit Kliemann , University of Iowa, Iowa

David Kennedy , University of Massachusetts, Worcester

Christian Haselgrove , University of Massachusetts, Worcester

Alejandro de la Vega , University of Texas, Austin

Alessandro Boaro , University of Verona, Italy

Ariel Rokem , University of Washington, Seattle

Abhishek Pratap , University of Washington, Seattle