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Discrimination in Artificial Intelligence for Voice Applications

AI History

The notion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been scrutinized throughout history. For instance, classical philosophers attempted to represent human knowledge and intelligence using symbolic abstractions. Indeed, the first official spark of understanding whether machines could think was ignited by Vannevar Bush’s seminal article ‘As We May Think’ in 1945, in which he had foreseen how the future could benefit from amplifying human knowledge using man-made machines. Subsequently, in 1950, Alan Turing proposed a logical framework to build and test intelligent machines, paving the road for John McCarthy to coin the term Artificial Intelligence in the first conference concerning this subject in 1956.

Mapper for Neuroimaging

Mapper for Neuroimaging

INCF Congress 2019 in Warsaw

Together with Sanu Ann Abraham I participated in the annual INCF Congress that took place at University of Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland. We both had poster demonstrations during the first day of the conference. Sanu Ann was presenting ReproSchema and Library: A JSON-LD schema to harmonize behavioral, cognitive, and neuropsych assessments and I was presenting Nipype 2.0: A new Python-based ecosystem for neuroscientific workflows and reproducibility.

OHBM 2019 in Rome

Our group participated in several events at OHBM 2019 and partnered on 10 postsers. Starting with the ReproNim train the trainers event on June 4th, we spent 9 full days at OHBM. This post summarizes the events.